Welcome to PRERANA Association for the blind

'Prerana' - This word defines itself which create a spirit or a 'Prerana' for blind friends of our society to live with great enthusiasm. The Prerana Association For Blind started by Satish Navale Sir to associate blind people in main stream of society and help them to stand proudly in society.

Many institutions are working to bringing visually impaired students to the mainstream of society. Though there are number of institutions working towards this goal, they still have not achieved all round development of the personality, Taking into account this condition, a new idea has emerged through this center. This center , through programs and workshops, attempts to provide a comprehensive platform to the blind, normal students, their teachers and parents. This can give normal individuals an insight to the problems faced by the blind, their skills, interests and an opportunity to understand them. This will help provide a 'Support System' to the blind.