Directed Body


Mr. Arvind Kanhere       Mr. Sujay Kulkarni        Mr. Satish Navale   President                             Vice President                     Secretary  


Mr. Parag Kunkulol            Mr. Dilawar Shaikh             Mr. Sunil Ranjane    Asst. Secretary                    Treasurer                             Assist. Treasurer


Mrs. Abida Shaikh            Mr. Adesh Kanhere          Mr. Pravin Kachhava Member                              Member                              Member

We solve following problems/ Aim

This center mainly focuses on the Inclusive Education for the blind and we will solve the following problems of these students, viz.Educational, Social, Technology, Medical

Audio Based Learning :
- To record books in a dialogue form to help the blind in pursuing education
- To start audio-visual books, which include skills, capability Of these students
- General knowledge, success stories, interviews, current affairs, new education policy, research.
- Magazines including articles written by students , crossword puzzles, etc. to ensure development

Audio-Based Online Teaching :
This will include languages, mathematics, algebra, geometry, experiments in science, mental ability, logical reasoning. The media of telephone, radio and internet will be used

Audio-Based Online Interaction :
Providing counseling and guidance to students by motivated individual; counseling, problem solving and guidance will be given by successful people

Online Research Guidance :
To reduce problems faced by students in day-to-day life and to encourage and develop their abilities, the researchers will be given guidance under the following categories:
- Educational
- Social
- Medical
- Technology Related, etc.

Awareness Programs :
- To arrange different programs to eradicate blindness by organizing Prabhat Pheri, Street Plays, Posters, Seminars and Workshops
- Interaction through educational programs between blind and sited students in a comprehensive manner
- To express gratitude to those who provide safe and peaceful environment
- To achieve the above objectives, some activities are planned
- For prevention of blindness and removal of blindness, we have included schools, colleges, villages and other tourist places
- The program will start with a documentary called 'Divya Drishti', which will run for 10 minutes. The film highlights the capabilities, problems of the blind, by this we will create public awareness
- This will be followed by a discussion on the relevant topics with the concerned people for 30 minutes
- Finally, there will be a demonstration of the various equipments and tools used by the blind in their day-to-day existence